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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

When she's ready

A few days ago, a friend asked when I will wean Sarah off the breast. My answer was 'when she's ready'. My initial timeframe for breastfeeding was 6 months. But it's coming up to 2 years.

I love breastfeeding Sarah. I feel so useful, wanted and needed; knowing something that is flowing out of me is really good for her, it's just amazing. That's why I don't understand when non-breastfeeding mums go 'oh, i ran out of milk' or 'it was too painful for me' or 'my baby didn't want to nurse'. Why did they gave up so easily? I know for a fact that there is no way you can run out of milk, getting the baby to latch takes practice - both mummy and baby are learning something new. Anyway, all those excuses are just sad. I am not 'lucky' with breastfeeding. I worked hard at it. I broke down several times and nearly threw in the towel; my nipples got sore, I had shooting pains after Sarah nursed but in my head a small voice nagged at me...'it should not be painful..breastmilk can never compare to formula...just one more day...' which was when I went to Mamalink where Christine Choong helped me latch Sarah on properly. Ahh...bliss! bliss! I tell you - when you get a proper latch, it's a fabulous feeling. It's an addiction.


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