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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Memories of Teluk Intan

This visit to Teluk Intan, we made new friends. We decided to stop for the night after visiting a few makam (graves of former sultans) and the abandoned bungalow of Raja Muda Perak.
Dinner was crab curry and sweet sour udang galah by the river side Malay-style. Crabs were meaty and prawns juicy. Someone slurped the curry like soup oblivious to the world.
In the morning was a trip to the wet market for salted fish and a look see. Ended up buying petai and kulat as well.
Upon checking out we went to find a nasi campur stall and found Mama Corner opposite the leaning tower. Mama was so nice, she had salted fish fried for Sarah who suddenly had a craving. Her son angah cooks all the dishes daily. His udang galah masak merah was superb. We chit-chatted further and turns out her son is an popular singer - Izzmad Harun. A talented young man. She even gave us a free CD!
I asked her where to buy 'perkasam' only to be told it's available on Sundays at the farmers market. Seeing me despondent, she told us she had some. She quickly went into the kitchen, opened her freezer and voila a big container of 'perkasam' whisked out and landed in my hands. I was grinning ear to ear thanking her profusely wanting to pay but she refused. She even invited us for makan-makan after raya. Yes!!
Final stop was the craft fair. I wanted to buy more 'sudips' (wooden food turners) but there were none. Instead I bought a mini picnic basket from Kak Liza who hails from Keratong, Pahang. She makes all the gorgeous rattan baskets seen in the photo. My eyes went into a trance. I wanted them all. It was very bad. Forced myself to buy only one item and the picnic basket caught my eye. Only RM40. Wish she had more.
We left Teluk Intan with happy memories after meeting such nice people, Mama, Angah and Kak Liza. May their business grow and grow.
Kali ini ke Teluk Intan kami seronol dapat kenalan baharu. Lepas ziarah beberapa makam dan rumah agam Raja Muda Perak yang terbiar, kami tergerak hati nak tidur semalam.
Makan malam di tepi sungai. Kari ketam dan udang galah tiga rasa. Sedap tak terkata. Ada orang hirup kuah kari macam sup. Tak hengat dunia.
Pagi esoknya, ke pasar besar nak beli ikan masin. Jumpa petai dan kulat. Terus beli.
Check-out dari hotel, misi cari nasi campur dekat menara condong. Pusing-pusing jumpa gerai Mama Corner. Mama yang baik hati menunaikan permintaan Sarah yang nak sangat makan ikan masin. Anak Mama, Angah tukang masak semua lauk-pauk gerainya. Udang galah masak merah sangat enak. Bebual sambil makan, Mama beritahu yang anaknya seorang penyanyi popular terkini - Izzmad Harun. Pemuda yang sangat berbakat. Mama siap bagi kami CD percuma satu!
Lepas habis makan, masa nak bayar saya tanya Mama mana ada jual perkasam. Dia jawab pasar tani hari Ahad jer ada. Melihat muka saya yang dah terkebil-kebil, Mama kata yang dia ada perkasam dalam peti ais. Terus dia ke dapur, buka peti ais dan bawak keluar bekas berisi perkasam dan menghulurnya ke tangan saya. Saya senyum sampai tersepet mata punyalah teruja. Nak bayar Mama tak bagi. Lepas salam-menyalam, sempat Mama ajak datang hujung raya untuk makan-makan. Yay!!
Persinggahan terakhir di pameran kraf nak mencari sudip kayu. Lansung tak ada. Yang ada bakul rotan bermacam saiz dan warna hasil tangan Kak Liza dari Keratong, Pahang. Mata saya dah bersinar-sinar. Semua nak angkut. Sangat bahaya. Paksakan diri beli satu benda jer. Terpandang bakul 'picnic' yang comel sangat. Satu jer tinggal. Cepat-cepat sambar. RM40. Kalaulah dia ada lebih mesti dikaut juga.
Kami meninggalkan Teluk Intan dengan kenangan manis dapat bertemu Mama, Angah dan Kak Liza. Semoga mereka sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Memories of Miri

It has been a few months since our Miri visit but I keep remembering our trip and how much we enjoyed our time there.

I bought cencaluk from a friend's cousin the night we arrived and on the day we left, managed to find terung dayak and midin. So happy.

Next day once back home, cooked terung dayak soup, stir-fried the midin with garlic and mixed cencaluk with shallots and chili padi. Assembled, it was simply heaven on a plate.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Harumanis & Briyani Butter Chicken

Tried the famous harum manis mangoes from Perlis for the first time this year. Missed the season last year. So this year did not take any chances. Did my research and ordered from a supplier found on the internet and he delivered right up to our doorstep.
There were 6 mangoes weighing 6 kilos which were RM115. Really sweet and juicy. Harum manis season is only once a year during April/May and only grows in Perlis which makes it so expensive.
When we were in Miri, we ate at an Indian restaurant where Sarah had butter chicken and briyani. Once we got back she developed the taste for it. So we went to a few places and the best is declared to be Japiur Mahal on Jalan Ipoh.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

March in Miri

For the school holidays we found ourselves on a plane Miri-bound. I love Miri! So quaint and friendly. Almost every male had a tattoo - so cool. This was take on Canada Hill where we visited the Grand Old Lady.
This was Reza's birthday dinner spread. We had midin (oh how I missed it so) butter and chilli prawns, steamed fish and crabs (not pictured).
First night we stayed in the city - Imperial Hotel. The rest of our time, we stayed at Marriott where staff, service and cuisine was impeccable. The kids loved the pool and the kids club.
We hired a car and drove out to the crocodile farm. The place is so 20th century haha. That said the crocodiles were big and scary looking. They have a mini petting zoo too. Sarah and Ali loved it.

We drove to gorgeous Tusan beach but sadly it had lots of strewn litter. That didn't stop the kids from playing. Ali was hesitant to get his ffet sandy at first. Once he warmed up there was no holding him back. Sarah built her sandcastle too near the water so slowly it crumbled with each wave.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Opah & Tok Wan

My in-laws birthdays are a month apart and they always celebrate as one event. Both are born in the same year - 1947. My mum-in-law born in January and my father-in-law in February. May Allah grant them long life. Amin.
Took the children to Royal Bintang Seremban for the weekend. What is it about kids and swimming pools? They never want to leave. The good thing is they got so tired so it was oh so easy for them to sleep.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Hello 2016

We were in Taiping for the new year. No big street celebration like in KL. We had a picnic party in the hotel room (Legend Inn of course). Lian Thong was closed which was disappointing. Went to Burmese Pool where we spent most of our time picking up other people's rubbish. I hate this behaviour of Malaysians. Litterbugs to the max!

A few weeks later we were in Singapore for a quick visit as Reza had some work. Sarah loves the Merlion so much. Insisted we stop and take a photo as if we've never been. Sigh!


We slept horizontally on across the queen bed in order to fit all four of us in. We stayed in Geyland where the room was really tiny. Barely room to swing a cat.  

We found a corner shop that sold yummy roti canai and teh tarik so all was good.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Ulu Bendul Recreational Park

We were on our way back from Melaka. I wanted to buy petai and was told that it was going cheap on the road headed to Kuala Pilah.

Once we got the petai (wasn't so cheap after all), we decided to stop over at Ulu Bendul Recreational Park just for a look see. However, once the kids saw the water it was a different situation altogether.

I didn't pack any swimwear so we bought the kids bermuda shorts at the stalls nearby. Reza had spare gym shorts. Suitably clad, off they jumped into the cool but cloudy water.