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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Thinking out loud

I took off my 'tudung' (hijab) a year ago. I just did not want to wear it anymore. I felt hot and bothered so I took it off. A few asked while many were too polite but in their minds they were making their own conclusions. Oh she will go to hell indeed. Oh her husband will get lots of 'dosa' (sin). Oh I hope her faith is weak never on the right path anyways. Whatever. I wore it for a good five years. I remember the first day I stepped out of the house in it. Felt weird with my hair all covered but I didn't feel hot or bothered then. I was happy to wear it. Felt safe and calm.

Five years on, I decided, nah, don't wanna anymore. So there. It does not mean I am unhappy, stressed and crazy. 

I just don't want to wear it anymore.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

May! Oh May!

We took the kids to KLCC splash park. Ali loved it as the water was just the right depth. Spot them if you can! After that we ate the second floor food court where Sarah's favourite outlet was calling her name...Humble Beginnings. She had a whole slice of mille crepe to herself. Must learn to make this. Cheap ingredients but so labour intensive.
Ali loves construction vehicles - excavators, backhoes, dump trucks the list goes on. One day he hit the jackpot right outside Sarah's school. We parked ourselves right in front of the action while waiting for her to finish. He was so engrossed. We have started buying him all these kind of toys and he also watches these type of videos on youtube. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Old friends

Met up with old Scicom-er friends (Tini, Ozzie, Sofie and Julia) at Mid Valley. All of us married with kids except for Tini. It was a short and sweet meet up. The star was Sofie whom everyone was wanting to meet for the longest time. Her youngest, Emir is already in Standard 1. I met him when he was a few days old! Everyone ooh-ed and ah-ed at Ilhan as he is the youngest and chubbiest. Ali beig Ali, ran around everywhere. Sarah was at  school camp overnight. After a good chinwag, it was all over too soon. We said our goodbyes and promised to meet up again real soon.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Celebrations

I love March...Reza and Sarah's birthday month. Former is Pisces and the latter, Aries. Reza said he wanted to celebrate his 40th with Atok. We bought Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe before going to Atok's. After Isya', we all sang happy birthday, he blew the candles with glee and then we all tucked into the great spread Mak Mok cooked for us.

As for Sarah, she wanted to District 21 in IOI City Mall with her best friend, Amni Dania. They spent nearly 3 hours in the fun factory while Mummy, Ali and I window-shopped. For lunch we had Fuel Shack then rushed to KLCC to get her Mille Crepe cake from Humble Beginnings. 

Got home, rested a bit then got ready for dinner at Muhibbah where Irene & co, Salha plus almost her whole family joined us. It was a really fabulous celebration and Sarah really enjoyed herself. 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Mummy's Back

My mum is back in KL till March. Auntie Fui came along too but only for 2 weeks. We took them to Pasir Penambang for seafood before Auntie Fui left for Perth.  

Irene combined bother her boys' birthdays at IPC. All the kids had fun and didn't want to go home. Ali loved the rice pit. It was a new thing for him playing with rice. No way I would let him play with that at home.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Legoland 2015

Went back to Legoland for second visit. This time Ali enjoyed the baby pool as the last time he was only 6 months old not crawling yet. We stayed in the Legoland Hotel next to the park. Awesome lobby, lifts and room. Buffet breakfast so-so. We did wet park one whole day and wet park the next. So tiring but fun, fun, fun! The second night we stayed in Legenda Boutique Hotel in Bukit Indah area which is a 10 minute drive away. The hotel was in the midst of installing a lift, argh! My bad for not checking beforehand. It had just enough room to swing a cat. Never again.

Ali had just recovered from diarrhea which is why he looks so skinny in the  photos. Sarah loved the water park more than the dry park. The trees have grown a bit in the past 2 years so there are some shady areas. This time we managed to board the train that circuits the park. Worth the queue. Food still pricey but hey when you're famished just pay. The pizza combo meal was really good actually. All in all, we had a great time. Discovered how crazy jam Bukit Indah is and where not to stay next time we go to JB.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Liza & Andrea

My aunt and cousin from the US came for a 4 day visit. It was short but sweet. My Auntie Liza wanted to make a new ATM card and also pay a visit to EPF to change the beneficiary. Alas, she told us too late, we only managed to get her the bank card. Andrea loved teh tarik and mamak food. We piled her with cups and cups of it. As both of them were shopaholics, it was easy to entertain them. Just took them to all the malls in the vicinity.