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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Thinking out loud

I took off my 'tudung' (hijab) a year ago. I just did not want to wear it anymore. I felt hot and bothered so I took it off. A few asked while many were too polite but in their minds they were making their own conclusions. Oh she will go to hell indeed. Oh her husband will get lots of 'dosa' (sin). Oh I hope her faith is weak never on the right path anyways. Whatever. I wore it for a good five years. I remember the first day I stepped out of the house in it. Felt weird with my hair all covered but I didn't feel hot or bothered then. I was happy to wear it. Felt safe and calm.

Five years on, I decided, nah, don't wanna anymore. So there. It does not mean I am unhappy, stressed and crazy. 

I just don't want to wear it anymore.


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