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Friday, 29 December 2017

Durians Galore

26 Dec 2012
We went to Raub early this month and made friends with Mus and Yana who ran a durian stall near Hospital Raub. We mentioned to them that TTDI folks love durians but lazy to travel out. With this is mind, on 26th Dec Mus called to inform they were coming with durians and request we spread out the word via FB and WhatsApp.  By 1030 pm they had a pop-up durian stall. Business was good that night.
29 Dec 2017

Today they called again to say they were coming. So quickly I spread the word and some of my friends came by tonight. So happy my friends got to taste durian Raub and for Mus and Yana who got good sales.

We had some durian kawen tonight which is cross of durian kampung with another type of durian.


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