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Monday, 8 October 2007

The last days of Ramadhan

I am going to terawikh tonight for the first time ever. I am nervous but I will never know unless I go. Reza said this last days is the most berkat.

Let me explain why I am nervous because other to Muslims doing terawikh is no big deal. To me it is. You see, I was not brought up in the proper Muslim way. My father was never around and my mum a Muslim convert, although loving, did not know enough herself to guide me. Her wayward husband was more interested in booze and women. Anyway, I learned to pray on my own. Over the years I prayed and stopped. I never performed my daily prayers religiously and just wondered at those who did.

It is a shock to my system having to pray again after so long (since last Ramadhan, actually) so it feels weird. I am embracing this change with a bismillahi-rahmanirahim...


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