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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Salam Aidilfitri 2008

How was my raya? Sedate. This was because after all that feasting, we were all like on a high. I would be lying if I say I didn't stuff my face silly.

Yes, Eid should be about reflecting on the past month where we fasted and abstained - not just about the food. I was quite sad ramadhan was over actually because it felt as if the 'magic' went away when the takbir raya started.

Anyway, we arrived in Taiping 2 days before raya. We didn't inform Opah so she didn't cook so we buka puasa at Cashier Market where the food was good but ambiance was much to be desired.

The only exciting event was when we bought Opah a new television. Her old one went kaput the day we got there. So off we went to look for a electronics store and managed to find a 21 inch Sanyo. She was so happy and told us no need to give her duit raya (we did anyway).

After subuh on the last day of puasa, Reza went to the graves of both his grandads and grandma to read Yaasin. He specifically wanted to do it before takbir raya. He says the best time to offer Yaasin was when it was still Ramadan. This year is the first time he did this and it won't be the last.

For buka puasa that final day, we went to Cashier Market again after driving round town without much luck for a decent restaurant to break fast in. While waiting, I went to look for Sarah's baju kurung. Found one that didn't look too tacky for RM20 at the market. After buka puasa we took Sarah back to the hotel for steamed fish.

After Sarah had her dinner, we went to Opah's house. Sarah did not like being at Opah's because it is always hot even though the fan was full blast (maybe next year we'll get her an air-conditioner). However, her cousins were there so she was distracted for a while. Once the kids exhausted themselves with Pop Pop and sparklers, Sarah announced she was sleepy. Drove her back to our hotel room (Legend Inn) where she suddenly became alive again. The sleepiness was a bluff. She just wanted to be back in the air-conditioned room.

Raya morning was pretty quiet. We got up, Reza went to the mosque while I tried to get Sarah to wear her baju kurung. When he came back we went to Makcik Bedah's (Reza's auntie) who lives next door to Opah to have nasi perisa, ayam masak merah, rendang, kari daging and lemang. Once all the food was digested we went back to Opah's where we ate nasi briani, kurma chicken, daging masak hitam and more rendang. Yes, too much feasting went on. We didn't go to any other relatives' houses. Pretty much stayed put at Opah's; lazed around, ate and lepak some more.

Second day raya found us having roti canai and nasi lemak at KTM station. The nasi lemak was good and in Taiping, you eat nasi lemak with ikan goreng. Not sure what fish it was but it was fried to a crisp and went down well with the sambal and fluffy coconut-infused rice. The roti canai was crunchy yet soft and when 'banjir' with the dhal curry, fooh, the taste was out of this world. Reza had 2 while Sarah and I had one each.

Not 2 hours later we had lunch at Opah's place. Simple home-cooked food of ayam kicap, sambal udang, ikan goreng and sambal belacan. They all love my sambal belacan and it is the one 'dish' that I can do really well. Father-in-law forgot to buy the limes so made do with assam jawa juice which didn't taste quite the same. Still it was edible and I had 2 plates of rice. Oink! Oink! For dessert we had pengat pisang, my favourite and I had 3 bowls - hey, they were small ok.

Once got all that digested, we headed back to KL. Thankfully the highway was not jammed up with cars and I drove halfway coz Reza was totally out. Then, once we got home, it hit us - raya was over. Well, until raya haji that is.


Blogger D said...

hey you wicked woman, you're damn damn wicked!!! Seriously, you got me drooling... I so want to eat a good serving of nasi lemak and a platter of roti canai! Aaaaaaaa, Aida is evil.

On a different note, your Raya sounds like a blast to me!

Thursday, 09 October, 2008  
Blogger Tboxmy said...

Selamat Hari Raya! Sounds like you have a really busy and yummy time.

How come didnt have open house? I sent Reza a SMS greeting, no reply.

Sunday, 12 October, 2008  

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