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Sunday, 3 July 2011


UPDATE 14 July 2011
Mummy was discharged on 12th July. This was taken on 5th July an hour or so after the operation. The anesthesia made her groggy. She could hear us but couldn't talk much. She is taking it easy until this Saturday when her stitches come out.

The cyst was finally diagnosed. It was a teratoma.

Mummy 'checked-in' to Hospital Angkatan Tentera (HAT) Tuanku Mizan, Wangsa Maju on 30.06.2011.

She has a benign cyst in her womb that has to be removed. Operation is scheduled for 05.07.2011.

We visited her twice since she was warded. For Sarah Mummy's room is a new playground.


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