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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Gory Gash

I have a confession to make. The sight of blood makes me go weak in the knees. I feel like passing out if I see more than say a drop of blood (my menses don't count).

Last night's incident just made me go really woozy just thinking about it. At around 10 pm as Sarah and I entered Dominos pizza in TTDI (Reza waited in the car), I saw a teenage girl and her father at the counter placing an order. However, something was wrong with the picture; the girl's right foot was bright red and for a moment I couldn't understand it. Then as her foot grew a brighter red, I told the father that his daughter's foot was bleeding and he said yeah, she got a cut on the sole on entrance steps, he said it was sharp and I turned round to look - they were smooth. He was not looking at her foot but I was and slowly more blood started to pour out of the wound. I alerted him that she has to go to emergency.

Somewhere in my panicked mind I remember that pressure must be applied to the wound and her leg must be elevated. Needless to say, with the blood slowly soaking the floor, those thoughts did not come out verbally and with that I went into panic mode. I remembered thinking, 'must get Reza, must get Reza' because he is always calm in an emergency but I didn't.

As those thoughts raced through my brain, only the her father noticed the blood and got the girl to lift her leg to show him the cut. OMG!!!, I nearly died because as she did that the blood just flowed like a tap and there were bits of flesh hanging loose and some actually fell off. I nearly shrieked 'get her to emergency, you fool!' but instead I said 'you must go - now' as calmly as I could. Offered to take him in our car but he said his car was right outside the outlet. As more and more blood gushed out of his daughter's foot, he got the message. He helped her on one side and I held her the other to get to his car. Sarah was taking all this in disbelief.

As we were halfway through the door Sarah began to cry so I left the girl, scooped Sarah up and plonked her in the car quickly telling Reza am helping a bleeding girl. By the time I got to the man's car, he was already driving off. I looked at the steps again, there was no blood but on the road just before the steps began, there were bits of broken tiles, soda can tabs and glass. That coupled with her wearing open toe slippers and a wrong footing as she was coming out of the car caused the accident. So I went back into Dominos following the blood trail and there was blood and flesh all over the floor at the counter like a Quentin Tarantino movie. One of the guys began mopping the floor. I counted to ten and breathed, then the pizza guy called my name - my triple cheese with extra mozzarella was ready. What else could I do but pick it up?

Went into the car to a still crying Sarah and narrated the incident to Reza. He asked if the blood was bright or deep red. Told him bright red at first then a deep crimson...he said most likely the her vein was gashed that's why. I was babbling non-stop because I was still in a panic and by then feeling deeply guilty. I knew what to do but I panicked because I just couldn't get over the blood. I should have made her sit on the floor, lift her leg up and put my palm on the wound to stop the bleeding then get a first aid kit, stick a thick wad of gauze on it and tie it up and only then go to emergency.

I hope she made it because Reza said after 20 minutes the body goes into shock and cardiac arrest follows due to lack of oxygen. I feel like such a failure for panicking and letting my nerves get hold of me. Reza told me I did the right thing and not to berate myself over it as I did the best I could but I still feel bad as I should have done more. Thus, the moral of the story is this...don't wear slippers and pray I am not in the vicinity when you get a bloody wound.


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