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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Lake Gardens 18th March 2007

Run, Mummy, run! are so cuddly.

Friday, 16 March 2007

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Reza turned 32 yesterday. This photo of him was taken by Sarah. We were having dinner at Basil, Bangsar Village for his birthday dinner last night. He and I were chatting about things we did as a child and below are his experiences:

1. Stuck biji saga (the vermillion seeds of the rosarypea) up his nose, thought it would be fun so stuck another up the other nostril.

2. Swallowed a 20 sen coin by accident while tossing it in the air. Had to wait for it to come out in his stool the next day.

3. Jumped off balcony (10 feet) thinking he was Superman. Sprained ankle badly.

4. Locked himself in the bathroom for 8 hours for fear of being walloped by his dad after he dropped a watermelon upon returning from the supermarket.

5. A rat ran up his leg and hug on his nuts when he wore a sarong.

6. Ate a cockroach in his sleep thinking it was Smarties.

7. Put his head through the front gate as an experiment. Stuck for 4 hours till his dad came home and rescued him.

That last one is my favourite.