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Friday, 18 April 2014

Bandung Trip

So Avaya had its off-site meeting in Bandung. Of course Reza will never go alone. Bandung was chaotic but the weather was nice and cool. We were ferried around in a big tour bus. Took ages just to move 2 km down the road. I will try not complain about KL traffic ever again. Sarah loved the trip as it had all the elements of fun – airport, plane trip, tv in plane, hotel, buffet breakfast, friends to play with and on it went. Ali, well, he just sat in the sling quietly taking all the scenes, sights and sounds. A good boy he was. Turns out most mothers here carry their babies in slings as this is not a city for strollers. Shopping is crazy. You name it, they have it. Even though I was content to just window-shop, I ended up buying material for baju kurung.