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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Dapur Sarawak 17 May 2011

I had the most God-awful Sarawak laksa at Dapur Sarawak yesterday. So bad that I must blog about it and inform the world of this sub-standard dish that is served there. I don't think it is owned by Mahmud Ali Basha/M Ali Basha anymore as the banners with his photos are gone. The guy manning the place yesterday looked nothing like the actor. Googled info on the place and looks like the photos and write-ups about this place are not the same as what I had yesterday.

The Sarawak laksa was small-portioned, very thin gravy with 2 medium-sized prawn, 10 beansprouts and half a dozen omelette shavings. The accompanying sambal was oily. No choice had to eat it and boy how I wish I hadn't.

The mee kolok was just as disappointing. It had this black soya sauce thingy on the side and the accompanying broth has beansprouts floating in it. The noodles tasted like Maggie mee. What is going on this is world!

From now on I will make my own Sarawak laksa in my own kitchen. No more hoping that there is a decent Sarawak laksa joint outside of Kuching.

Reza said this is how the Malay version of Sarawak laksa tastes. He said I have been brought up my a Chinese Sarawakian mother thus my taste buds and expectations of Sarawak laksa is different to a Muslim Bumiputera Sarawakian. Ewah, ewah, pandai dia defend this place. I said fine. I must now ask my fellow Muslim Sarawakian friends as to how a Malay Sarawak laksa tastes like. Otherwise I have to go find a Malay stall selling Sarawak laksa then next time I am in Kuching.

Here is Dapur Sarawak's address:
1-0-13, Jln 1/50 Diamond Square
Off Jalan Gombak

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I cannot imagine how it feels not to be a mum now that I am one. The saying is true, a mother's job is never done.

I am always worried about my daughter, is she hungry, happy or hurt? How can I make it all good for her.

I have a great mum but unfortunately, I did not inherit her mothering skills. I am clumsy, rough and rude. My mum on the other-hand is kind, soft-spoken and patient.

She brought us up with lots of love and a well-fed stomach. We were not rich, did not go on holidays anywhere or have expensive toys but we were happy.

I love you, Mummy. Happy Mother's Day.