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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dino cake

Sarah wanted a dino cake she saw on so last Thursday I baked a cake using a pre-mix from a box. The most difficult part was the icing. Never in my life have I ever made icing. Reza helped by mixing manually by hand but after a while it looked pretty much a disaster. Off we went to Giant to buy a RM55 hand-held mixer. An hour and a half of mixing later the cake was finally done. Phew! Sarah did all the decorations.

Took the cake to her tadika the next day to share with her friends. After singing Happy Birthday everyone yelled for a piece. It was a winner. All gone in 15 minutes. All the effort was worth it. Alas, the mixer has gone back in its box and is sitting in the dark in the deep recesses of my cupboard till next March.