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Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Merdeka came and went. Didn't even watch the celebrations on TV. I don't think I love Malaysia any less by not watching it, right? I love Malaysia. I can never see myself living anywhere else. I was born and bred here, this is home so this will also be be where I will be buried. I am grateful and thankful to Allah for making me who I am - a Muslim Malaysian. A fact that I refused to accept when I was in my twenties. Thank God time has given me some sense.

I made a batch of agar-agar kering on Sunday. Been drying it for a days but still not dry. It is driving me bananas. I have no patience so this is really a test for me. I saw some selling for RM18 at Bangsar Village but told myself to try to make my own. Now I wish I bought a jar and save myself the hassle. At this rate, it might not be ready for raya. I cut it too thin as well so it looks really weird. Will post photos up when they are ready.