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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Hello 2016

We were in Taiping for the new year. No big street celebration like in KL. We had a picnic party in the hotel room (Legend Inn of course). Lian Thong was closed which was disappointing. Went to Burmese Pool where we spent most of our time picking up other people's rubbish. I hate this behaviour of Malaysians. Litterbugs to the max!

A few weeks later we were in Singapore for a quick visit as Reza had some work. Sarah loves the Merlion so much. Insisted we stop and take a photo as if we've never been. Sigh!


We slept horizontally on across the queen bed in order to fit all four of us in. We stayed in Geyland where the room was really tiny. Barely room to swing a cat.  

We found a corner shop that sold yummy roti canai and teh tarik so all was good.