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Friday, 21 May 2010

A small act of kindness

10.40 AM
Am sitting in the car parked outside the tadika waiting for Sarah. Promised to take her to 1U to find a foam piece to replace the horn on the stegosaurus hat we bought in Singapore lat year. She wept quietly when she tore the horn last night. She tried to fix it with tape which didn't work so she cried even more. Very emotional with her toys she is.

This morning, as I approached my usual gerai in TTDI market I saw that all the tables were occupied so decided to join this Malay guy eating alone at a table for four. I flashed him a smile, put my paper on the table and went to take my food (2 cucur bawang). I came back, sat down right in front of him and began to eat when my teh o ais and nescafe tarik came.

We never spoke or looked directly at each other after the initial eye contact. He ate his food and when finished lit a cigarette. All this I observed out of the corner of my eye while I was eating and reading my paper. He got up once he finished his cigarette and went to the gerai helper to ask her to total up. He paid and walked away.

The gerai helper came up to me and said "Akak, abang sudah bayar". I was like "Huh?" then I realized she meant that he had paid for my food. Syukur Alhamdullillah, Amin, I uttered in my heart. At the same time tears sprang to my eyes. I was just so touched by this stranger's kindness because this morning as I finished my Subuh prayers, I doa to Allah, please grant me rezeki in any form and not two hours later, I got a free breakfast. To some it may be nothing but to me it meant a lot. We just need to pray with a sincere heart and just submit to Allah. Always keep the faith.