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Friday, 15 May 2009


Went to Tadika Diyana this morning to pay Sarah's term fees. She starts on 15th June but am taking her for a few days trial next week. After paying up (extortion!!!), took her to Bata to buy her a new pair of shoes. Since any colour is ok, she decided on a pair of red ones.

I had an emo moment as the images of her in uniform skipping to class and leaving me. My eyes began to water at the thought. She hugged me and said, "Don't cry, Mummy, I will never leave you." Uwahhh!!!! Wanted to cry even more when she said that.

Reza also told me not to be silly and added that soon she will be in university. Trust him to say soothing words. Men! Anyway, we got the shoes but completely forgot the socks. Haiya!

Got home to find there was no space to put her new shoes; took out all her old shoes and photographed them one by one to remember them by. She had so many pairs, more than me and she is only 4. Am giving away most of them but keeping the favorites below.

Her No. 1 all-time favorite - Adidas.

Her second favorite pair - Carter's.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


It has been a few weeks since I donned the tudung. Many have asked me why and my answer is, "for Allah Ta'ala". I had been toying with the idea of wearing it for a while now. Discussed it with Reza who was surprised but had no objections; dragged him with me to the tudung shop where he was completely lost but paid up for my purchases.

Of course I was apprehensive as to what friends and family would say because those who know me well went, "What??!!...Aida pakai tudung??!!". However, Alhamdullilah...they have been supportive. I always knew I would wear it eventually but I surprised myself this time. Hahaha!!!

Now I scrutinize how other women wear their tudung. Some wear it spun round their heads with loads of pins and brooches; some tuck them in their blouses; some with bling bling (SO not me) and the list goes on. Pening! So far am happy with the all-in-one tudungs from Ariani and Sri Munawwarah with the latter being my favourite but at RM60 a piece, it ain't cheap. Luckily most of my blouses are long-sleeved so I don't have to change my wardrobe that drastically. Went to Kamdar last week and bought some material to be made into long A-line skirts and blouses.

Thus, the transition has been easy and effortless. Once my mind was made up, there was no turning back.
I still feel the same although am hoping to improve myself as a Muslim which is a long, long way to go.