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Thursday, 14 July 2011

A day in the life of Sarah

So there we were in Empire Gallery mall in Subang Jaya on the eve of July 9th. Sarah had just spend an hour playing in Kidszone. After-wards we went strolling for something to eat. Me being damn blur did not see 1902 hot-dogs. Suggested Tarbush to her as she saw the menu and decided on deep fried fish and fries.

We sat down and ordered. Her dish came so she ate. Then mine came which was a lamb kebab wrap. She eyed it and when I asked if she wanted a taste she said ok.

There was some sauce on it so I licked it off first. She ate and said it was good so I gave her more. Then 5 minutes later she said her lips hurt and before you can say "The Lost World of Tambun", it began to swell and swell. 5 minutes later her eyes began to water and itch followed by a huge breakout of hives at the sides of both eyes.

I forced myself not to panic, paid the bill and walked to Caring Pharmacy. Got a box of antihistamine in syrup form and gave Sarah a dose. By this time she was in tears because of the itchiness and swelling plus she was feeling self-conscious.

Met up with Reza (he has a meeting in the same mall) who quickly folded her in his arms. We headed for the car and began our journey home which was full of traffic jams and roadblocks.

In the car, she complained her tummy was sore so I rubbed and rubbed. Just before Sg. Buloh toll, she heaved and out came all her dinner. We stopped and cleaned her up. After our own 'operasi Bersih', we had to go round via Kota Damansara to get back to Damansara Damai.

Got home at 10 pm after leaving Subang Jaya at 8.15 pm.

I guess the culprit of the allergic reaction must have been raw onion as the lamb was nestled in it or the onion juice must have gone into the meat.

We can laugh about it now because it was just not her day that day. Poor Sarah. Love you my little dino-princess.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


UPDATE 14 July 2011
Mummy was discharged on 12th July. This was taken on 5th July an hour or so after the operation. The anesthesia made her groggy. She could hear us but couldn't talk much. She is taking it easy until this Saturday when her stitches come out.

The cyst was finally diagnosed. It was a teratoma.

Mummy 'checked-in' to Hospital Angkatan Tentera (HAT) Tuanku Mizan, Wangsa Maju on 30.06.2011.

She has a benign cyst in her womb that has to be removed. Operation is scheduled for 05.07.2011.

We visited her twice since she was warded. For Sarah Mummy's room is a new playground.