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Monday, 15 December 2008

Our week up north

14 Dec 2008

Just got home after 5 days away. It was a tiring week traveling and staying at different hotels; packing and unpacking. Left for Taiping on Tuesday morning and stayed until Friday.

Didn't bring enough toys and books for Sarah because we were not planning to stay long. Went to supermarket to buy some dinky toys just to keep her amused and a book from Popular book store. Days Taiping was spent eating lots of home-cooked meals at relatives homes. I love gulai the way Reza's aunties make them. Mine just doesn't taste the same.

On the day we wanted to leave (Thursday), Reza's Opah persuaded us to stay another day. So we did and we went to Parit Buntar for lunch at Mak Long's where Sarah had her first look up close at a paddy field which was right outside her house. The harvester machine was doing its rounds so that was an anti-climax as I had this image of the farmers harvesting by hand (too much reading Lat comics I guess). Those days are long gone.

Then, my ex-colleague sms-ed and invited me to his kenduri in Sg. Petani since I was already in Taiping. Thus, on Saturday we drove up to Sg. Petani which was an hour away if you drive like my husband.

The drive up to Sg. Petani was very nice because of the green paddy fields. The colour was just brilliant. Have a look at the Muksin movie poster and you will know what I mean.

We arrived at the kenduri thinking we missed the kompang, silat and bersanding part. Turns out the kenduri had no bersanding for the bride and groom. We arrived to see them mingling with the relatives and friends. A simple affair so we had time to catch up. After a nice big plate of nasi minyak, ayam merah, daging kicap and acar buah, we drove to Park Avenue Hotel to check-in for the night. After a wee rest and shower, we ventured out to town to look for food but found nothing decent and returned to the hotel. We ended up having Japanese. The sashimi was half-thawed so we sent it back - twice. In the end we told the waitress to not bother with a third attempt. Luckily the tempura and unagi bento was edible.

So that was my trip up north. I could have never taken time away like that if I were still working.
It is now just over 6 months since I quit my job to be a housewife and full-time mom. I am not bored in case you are wondering. Everyday is different as the day is set by Sarah.

I don't miss working. I don't miss the waking up and the drive to work and back. However, I do miss my friends. I miss having meals with them, cracking jokes and sharing the latest gossip.

Now my life revolves around what to feed Sarah for her next meal, ensuring she is happy, clean and mentally stimulated. In between all that are the housework, running errands, making sure hubby has clean clothes and is fed and watered. So that does not leave much of 'me' time but am not complaining as I do get the few hours to myself when one of them is asleep to browse the internet or read the latest book borrowed from City Book Rentals. I enjoy the change I made and I love my life now. Wonder what the future holds.