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Sunday, 18 January 2009

On a caffeine high

18 January 2009

I feel like giving myself a good walloping. I should know better but I still do it. It is 6.47 am and I am still awake thanks to the iced coffee 12 hours ago. I cannot drink coffee or tea after 6 pm in the evening. My cut off time drinking caffeine is 3 pm but I still drank it anyway. So here I am still wide awake while everyone is fast asleep. I am so envious of those people who can drink coffee, tea or anything with caffeine and can still go to sleep like a baby. I wish my body isn't so weird. I have been like this ever since I started drinking coffee and tea as a child of 8. I thought by now maybe perhaps my system would overcome it. Fat chance.

The imam at the mosque behind my place is giving a khutbah over the loudspeaker about the Jews so am half-listening to it as I type this. This imam is one angry guy. He slams the Jews at every khutbah due to the current situation in Gaza. He is saying they are stubborn and faithless. Whatever. My personal view is if HAMAS didn't start launching rockets in to Israel then less Palestinian children would be dead. Why can't each Muslim country in the world take in 10,000 Palestinian refugees and let them get back on their feet until one day they can reclaim their land? Ah, well that is just a thought. I rarely write about current affairs but when kids are dying by the hundreds daily, I am really pissed.

Boycott? What for? Coca Cola, McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks etc have Muslims employees. If we boycott all these American stuff, we will put many Muslims out of a job. We need the American trade like it or not and boycotting them just because of what Israel is doing to Gaza now is not the answer. Anyway, tell me honestly, is there any substitute for a can of Coke, a quarter-pounder, a snack plate, double latte with cream? And what are the protests at the American Embassy for? A bloody waste of time, really. Can't these people focus on local issues instead? School kids in remote areas of Sarawak walk barefoot to school which is like 10 miles away, one way so that is 20 miles a day. Can't we do something about that?

Ok better stop here. Must be the caffeine getting me all wired up. It is now 7.15 am and daylight is descending. I am going to attempt sleep now so wish me luck.