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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Negaraku Malaysia

Sarah recited the rukunegara during assembly this week. I got a video of her but too lazy to post it.

What does it mean to be Malaysian?

For me it means being free to say and do as I wish. I can go out and not worry about bombs or being abducted for ransom. It means I can eat at any time of day and choose any type of food. I can get in a car and drive on paved roads to reach a beach or a waterfall within an hour or two. It means I can earn a decent living and not have to sleep on the roadside. My daughter can go to school and get a proper education from primary to tertiary level.

I am grateful to the folks who fought for independence and formed Malaysia. I shudder to think what nation we would have become.

I am proud to be Malaysian. There is no place like home.