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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Maxis TTDI

Roy Ramesh, Centre Manager, Maxis TTDI

Mohd Fazlie B. Miskat, Techincal Support, Maxis Centre TTDI

So there I was yesterday morning (Monday 24th January 2011) with a bag full of sayur after a visit to the pasar and walked into Maxis TTDI.

My request was simple - transfer contacts from BlackBerry (BB) to an iPhone. That was when the drama began.

CSO (Customer Service Officer) at the payment counter who has the most indifferent and sullen disposition, Azmeer, straight away said no, cannot be done.

I was adamant and raised my voice saying it can be done because my husband's contacts from a BB was already on the iPhone. Now I want his contacts replaced with mine.

2 other CSOs (Customer Service Officer), Hidir and Nazman said the same thing. "Tak boleh Kak, memang BlackBerry tak boleh, itu kelemahan dia". My blood slowly went upstairs. Pagi-pagi dah "No, no, no." - senang je lepas tangan.

I can see their faces going, "Akak ni memang bengong betul laa, dah cakap tak boleh, tak boleh laa...eeee geramnya...mampuih la aku tak nak tolong, nak menjerit-jerit pulak...ish".

I asked what about using Desktop Manager then sync to MS Outlook then sync to iTune. Hidir said cannot do it as his contacts will all go to my iPhone and walked away, so did Nazman. Aha! It can be done albeit a roundabout way. He was implying it was tedious but won't go the extra mile for me.

So back to Azmeer, who was quiet as he provisioned my main SIM to the iPhone. The CSO next to him also went mute and tried to ignore me. Fine.

By this time confirmed my darah sudah naik atas. The centre's manager Roy Ramesh saw this and came over. He gave me a queue number for technical help on the first floor. Up I went and I got attended by Fazlie. He understood what I wanted and without much ado, he began to back-up my contacts to the centre's laptop. I was there the whole morning 9.30 am t 11.30 am.

I took the opportunity to make my complaint about my experience to Roy.
Told him staff at the payment desk are defensive, and unhelpful. He said he will have a word with them.

I am sure they are good workers and nice human beings but they really need to check their faces in the mirror before they punch in. A little empathy, listening skills and a smile can really make a customer happy.

I left and came back at 4 pm. Still not done. No problem I said to Fazlie. I can come back tomorrow. Swapped my SIM card so I can make calls. He SMS around 6.45 pm yesterday saying it was done.

This morning I went there and all 644 have been transferred from my BB to iPhone thanks to Fazlie who was courteous, helpful and murah dengan senyuman.

As I was walking out, I seeked out Roy and suggested he
transfer the frontliner CSOs to back office or answer calls at Maxis help-desk in Sunway for a week. Maybe then they will appreciate their job better. He just smiled and said "Ok, ok".

To Mohd Fazlie B. Miskat, thank you very much. Maxis should have more staff like you.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nama saya Oren

This is my neighbor's cat. His name is Oren. About 2 years old. I mistook him for a female because at one point I thought he was a she and was pregnant. Turns out he is just a fat cat and loves his food. He is so fat his back legs have to kangkang when he lies down. He is always sprawled like that at the front door, the stairs, everywhere. I rarely see him sit up like normal cats do.

Sarah loves him and admires him from a far. Only I will stroke his head and his back. Last month he went missing for a few weeks. Sarah was uber upset. Was he stolen? Was he run over and left for dead? The owners put a cat missing poster on the notice board. Nothing. Then just before the new year, he re-appeared. We asked his owners and they said he came back just like that. No idea where he had been. Sarah was all smiles.